WordPress Development

Course Price: $400


This course prepares you for with skills that are required to learn and master WordPress design and Administration in a practical and real world set-up. It is suitable for any one who wants to learn and master WordPress skills and use this powerful platform to create, build and effectively manage their own live websites.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the key components that make up WordPress
  • How to install and setup a WordPress Site
  • How to publish and edit a Post or Page
  • How to create and manage different users
  • How to install, activate, and deactivate Plugins for key functionality
  • How to find and install Themes
  • How to setup custom Navigation menus
  • How to use Sidebars and place Widgets on your site
  • Understand how WordPress decides which file to use
  • How to create and assign a custom template for any page on your site
  • Additional topics covered include SEO & Analytics, advanced uses of WordPress, Defacto/recommended Plugins and more