Certificate in Software Testing (Quality Assurance)

Course Price: $1800


This course prepares you for software testing including Test Analysis and Test Management with advanced skills that are required in a practical and real world set-up. It is suitable for any one who wants to get into the filed of Software Testing/Quality Assurance

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding and recognizing all the terms and concepts of testing.
  • Identifying, comparing and classifying different elements of systems and integration testing.
  • Application of testing concepts and techniques to a given situation at hand.
  • Analyzing various options available and differentiating between inferences and facts.
  • Synthesizing information based on facts and inferences, identifying patterns and creating structure from various inputs and parts of a concept.
  • Designing a process for risk analysis.
  • Creating an integrated test strategy based on a combination of analytical and dynamic strategy.
  • Evaluating the problem and determining the right testing technique to be employed by taking into account its relative efficiency and effectiveness.