Microsoft Access (2007, 2010) – Level 3 / Advanced


Course Description

Students will learn to perform advanced form task using subfoms and macros. students will create pivot tables, and pivot charts and be introduced to SQL statements.

Section One: Advanced Data Management
Referential Integrity
Table Relationships
Modal Dialogue Boxes

Section Two: Advanced Form Tasks
Using Subforms
Advanced Form Tasks
Exporting Your Form
Using Outlook and SharePoint with Access

Section Three: Pivoting Data
Creating a PivotTable
Creating a PivotChart
Using PivotTables and PivotCharts

Section Four: Access and Windows
Access and Windows
Using the Access Viewer
An Introduction to SQL

Section Five: Add-Ons to Access
COM Add-ins
Digital Signatures
Smart Tags
Managing Your Database
Customizing Access

Section Six: Using Scripts in Access
Macro Basics
Other Macro Tasks
Visual Basic and Macros
Macro Groups

Section Seven: Using Access to Collaborate
SharePoint Basics
SharePoint Data
Your Personal SharePoint Space

Section Eight: SQL and Microsoft Access
Understanding SQL
Using the Select Statement
Using Subqueries
Using SQL Joins