Microsoft Excel (2007, 2010) – Level 1 / Intro


Course Description

Students will gain the knowledge the skills and the confidence to create, format, enhance and print simple spreadsheets.


The prerequisites for this course are an introductory course to Windows or a solid working knowledge of Windows.

Course Details
Create, Open and Save Workbooks
What is Excel?
Create a New Blank Workbook
Create a Workbook From a Template
Open Excel Files
Get Help
Save Workbooks
Navigate a Workbook

Explore the User Interface
Backstage View*
Ribbon Overview
Mini Toolbar
Status Bar
Shortcut Key Tips
Contextual Tabs

Work with Data
Enter, Edit and Delete Data
Data Selection Methods
Use Autofill and Autocomplete
Cut, Copy, Paste and Paste Special
Resize Columns and Rows
Insert and Delete Columns, Rows, Cells
Use Undo, Redo and Repeat
Spellcheck and AutoCorrect
Use Find, Replace and Go To
Use Basic Functions
Use SmartTags and Options Buttons
Add, Edit, and Remove Comments

Format A Workbook
Format Using the Home Ribbon
Format Using the Mini-Toolbar
Format Using Dialog Boxes
Use and Modify Conditional Formatting
Use the Format Painter
Create and Modify Styles
Add, Name, Move, Delete and Colour Sheets

Create and Format a Chart
Modify Chart Layout and Structure
Change Chart Types, Options, Location and Data Source
Save a Chart as a Template

Printing and Viewing A Workbook
Use the View Ribbon
Split and Freeze
Manage Multiple Windows
Use Page Layout, Print Preview and Basic Print Options
Add Headers and Footers

Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
Show/Hide the Ribbon

*2010 version only