Microsoft Excel (2007, 2010) – Level 3 / Advanced


Course Description

This course will teach you how to create outlines and subtotals, Pivot Tables and Reports, create and use Macros and Forms. Items marked with an asterisk are for 2010 only.


The prerequisites for this course are an intermediate Excel course, or equivalent working knowledge of the software.

Explore the User Interface ( If Required for Upgrade Students)
Office Button (2007)
Backstage View
Ribbon Overview
Mini Toolbar
Status Bar
Shortcut Key Tips
Contextual Tabs Options
Change Excel Options

Manipulate Data
Use Automatic Outlining
Display and Collapse Levels
Manually Group Data
Create Subtotals

Pivot Tables
Create a Pivot Table
Change and Rearrange Pivot Table Data
Modify Pivot Table Format and Structure
Chart a Pivot Table
Create a Pivot Table from External Data
Use Slicer to Filter Pivot Table Data*
Use Sparklines*
Use the PowerPivot Add In*

Using Excel with Other Programs
Link to an Access Database
Transform Excel into an Access Database
Import and Export Data to and from Text and CSV files
Import Data from External Sources
Link and Embed from Other Sources

Advanced Calculations
Create and Use Scenarios
Create a Scenario Summary Report
Save Multiple Scenarios
Use a One and Two Input Data Table
Use Goal Seek
Use the Solver

Excel and the Internet
Add, Modify and Remove Hyperlinks
Save Workbooks, Sheets, Charts and Ranges as Webpages
Create, Save and Refresh a Web Query
Publish to a Document Server
Use Sharepoint Server

Advanced Tasks
Create, Open and Edit a Shared Workbook
Track Changes in a Shared Workbook
Create, Use and Modify Custom Lists
Consolidate Workbooks
Link Workbooks
Combine Worksheets

Macro Security
Record and Play a Macro
Record and Run a Relative Reference Macro
Assign a Macro to a Keystroke or Quick Access Toolbar

Create a Blank User Form
Add and Use Form Controls
Assign a Macro to a Control