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Transforming data into actionable insights with our flagship Energy Analytics product. Optimize buildings and drive resource and cost savings across your enterprise with KRATOS

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Unlock Value in your building Energy Data using Analytics and Technology

KRATOS can help you understand how you use energy and show you how to best reduce energy costs.  Through KRATOS, you are able to automate billions of data points into measurable knowledge that leads you to make the best decision.    KRATOS gives you real time information in easy to use dashboards that will direct you towards dollar savings and/or potential comfort problems.  You will not have to worry about where data is collected, how it is analyzed or how to make profitable decisions.  We are able to take this complicated process and make it easy to affect the bottom line.  Look at some of our Case Studies to see how we have brought value to some of our retail clients. Get in touch with us today for a no obligation assessment of your Energy Analytics Adoption model.

  • Improved decision making – With actionable results. Take control of rising energy costs.
  • Enterprise KPIs – Know what is going on throughout your organization. How much energy is being used, are you over or under budget, and where are the problems.
  • Building Performance – Drill down into your specific sites. Get detailed data to make actionable decisions.
  • Bill Analysis – Find billing anomalies and do something about them! Direct you to potential problems and save money right away.

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