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Reducing Energy Spend at a Multi Site Business

Problem: A retailer’s utility spend was trending higher than the budget for two consecutive quarters at various sites. They were looking for ways to identify and save on energy costs.

Solution: Using KRATOS, Matrix Data was able to identify energy outliers and system inefficiencies to deliver fast energy savings. The highest energy consuming locations were flagged and reviewed to understand what was driving the irregularities. Most efficient locations were bench-marked to share best practices across the enterprise.

Results: Utilities savings were seen quickly with a significant percent decrease in utility bill costs. The retailer was also excited to see other positive results like better vendor management, more comfortable employees and customers, and targeted equipment upgrades as needed.

Energy savings without sacrificing comfort

Problem: A retailer reached out to Matrix Data to help reduce energy costs, without affecting the employee or customer comfort at their locations.

Solution: Matrix Data used the KRATOS engine to make recommendations on optimizing start and stop schedules for HVAC and other equipment, by proving that these modified schedules do not affect the comfort overall, while still cutting down on the equipment runtimes.

Results: The equipment runtimes were reduced in some cases upto 60 minutes per day resulting in reduced energy consumption. Comfort complaints were closely monitored and there were no abnormalities reported. The strategy was rolled out to multiple sites with significant cost and savings impact.

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